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The Difference Between Selling and Delaying


Today’s Market Values and What Your Home Is Worth Today

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, pricing your home right is critical. Price it too high and your home will be unappealing to potential buyers and languish on the market. It will become the bait for other better priced homes in your neighborhood. Price it too low and you will forfeit your hard-earned equity.

BMC Real Estate can help you discover the value of your home. You will receive a comprehensive and honest real estate market analysis based on comparable recently sold homes with similar features and conditions in your area. Our FREE home audit of your property delivers superior results – results you can count on.


When listing with BMC Real Estate LLC, you will qualify for a FREE home audit. The results of the audit will provide you with room-by-room feedback on improvements and changes that will enhance the salability of your home. We will sit down with you and work to determine the best price for your property. We want to help you sell it as quickly as possible and at the best possible market value.

Most importantly, we will discuss with you the 12 most successful marketing activities to attract ready, willing, and financially able buyers.

Here is what most sellers want:

  • Sellers want to get the best possible price for their home in the shortest amount of time.
  • They want to find a new perfect home at a bargain price.
  • They want the process to be hassle-free and preferably “turn-key.”
  • They want to know tips and secrets that will help them achieve these goals.
  • They need to move within 45 days (usually to get the kids into school or start a new job).
  • They want an agent they can rely on, one who gets things done.

Increase your home’s market value today

Set yourself a time table from today until listing day and complete the following:

  • Turn your home into a house, which means the seller needs to emotionally detach him/herself from the property.
  • Less is more. Remove anything and everything from each room that is not necessary. Reduce as much furniture as possible to make the rooms look larger. You are planning to move out, so you may as well start today.
  • Remove as many personal items as possible, such as personal pictures, family pictures, diplomas. They take the buyer’s attention away from focusing on the house, the layout, the flow, and how your home suits them. The buyer needs to picture him/herself in your house.
  • Remove as much unnecessary decoration as possible. The top of the kitchen cabinets and the counter tops need to be completely clear. Remove all items from dressers and side tables.
  • Make sure hardwood floors are not covered by a number of nice rugs.
  • Install as many 60W Lightbulbs as possible. The brighter the room the better. Replace all burned-out bulbs.
  • And here comes the toughest part. Remove everything from storage spaces, drawers, closets, etc. More specifically, anything you have not touched in the last 6 months. Once you have lived in a home for more than 10 years, it’s easily accumulate a lot of stuff, so start clearing it out today.