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Meet the Team

G. Stephan Biermann

Broker, Realtor® Licensed In NC and SC

Stephan has a distinguished 25+ years business career in Europe and the United States; Stephan received his education at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business and the Harvard Business School; his extensive and diverse business background includes experience as a Senior Marketing Manager Europe for a large Japanese Conglomerate, Corporate turn-around projects, and the Business Consulting business. He is recognized by customers to operate with impeccable integrity and discretion. Stephan’s Real Estate experience started in the early 90’s working with German and US based companies in Real Estate as well as facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions. During the last 12 years, Stephan has successfully closed many Residential Real Estate transactions in North and South Carolina. He understands construction through his early years of exposure with his family businesses and has solid knowledge assessing property values and conditions. He focuses on Luxury Homes, Lake Front Homes, large Single-Family homes as well as Town Homes. He lived in various parts of the country including several overseas business assignments, giving him great knowledge of relocation and associated logistics. Stephan believes in exceptional quality service “Service above Self” and always gets the job done. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and competent Realtor® who knows the Real Estate market, then look no further.

Zelleka A. Biermann

Broker, Municipal Housing Development Consultant

Zelleka Biermann works with local communities to help them achieve a wide variety of community development finance goals that include small business credit analysis and financing, commercial/industrial Real Estate development, affordable and market rate rental and For-Sale housing. Zelleka is skilled in utilizing multi-faceted government tax incentive, loan and workforce development programs, coupled with complex private financing to bring Real Estate and business projects to fulfillment.


• Housing Development Finance Professional-National Development Council (NDC)
• Economic Development Finance Professional-National Development Council (NDC)
• Project Management-National Development Group
• HUD Programs - CDBG, HOME, NSP, Environmental Certifications


• Real Estate Finance – Commercial & Residential
• Real Estate Broker – Buying & Selling
• Taxation • Organization Management
• Partnership /Collaborator

Charlotte's Outstanding Photography and Virtual Tours that Sell Homes

Jim Edmonds

For a Real Estate professional, the personal brand is everything. And why shouldn't your photographer be an extension of the BMC brand? With over 15 years working for Marriott Hotels, my strength is in delivering consistent service excellence. I take great pride in creating a wonderful experience for both BMC and BMC clients. I recognize the importance of a sense of urgency, building immediate rapport with my clients, and delivering quality images that sell homes.

Lynn Welles - ASA

Working as a Marketing Assistant to Charlotte Realtors for over 9 years, Lynn has an extensive background in photographing homes. You will enjoy her keen eye of capturing what is important and making it stand out.

Tim Erskin

I have 12 years of experience serving your Real Estate marketing needs as your Internet marketing partner. I look forward to providing you with outstanding photography with my team.

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