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Preparing Your Home For Sale

When you are thinking about selling your home, there are some important issues you may want to consider.

  • Before you start remodeling, meet with your Realtor and discuss what really needs to be changed or upgraded and attach priorities and budgets to the project. Too many home owners start remodeling in the wrong areas and then do not have enough money to repair the areas that have the biggest impact on a buyer’s perception.
  • Set a realistic timeframe and a listing start date. This way you can allocate the right amount of time to prepare your home “For Sale.” Go through the Home Audit List that BMC Real Estate will provide you and your Realtor and follow those suggestions as closely as possible.
  • Keep in mind that when your home goes on the market and is listed for sale, it becomes a house as of that day. Please detach yourself emotionally as much as you can. Remove all personal items such as personal and family pictures, diplomas, and anything else that could distract a buyer from looking at your house.

Your home must be easy to show and in top condition to get good offers

  • Multiple offers bring as much as an additional 5%.

Home Staging and the condition of your home have top property

When you have lived in a home for a while, it’s hard to really see what your home looks like to others. Staging is one way to get an outside perspective on how to arrange your home to be more attractive to buyers.

  • First impressions count – Focus on curb appeal, entry, living room, kitchen, MBR, MBA
  • Follow the BMC Room-to-Room Audit
  • Make the repairs – Do not offer financial assistance to the buyer. Buyers want move-in ready homes.
  • The front yard needs to be in top shape for Curb Appeal – This is the first thing they will see upon arrival.
  • The front door must be in “new” shape – The paint and hardware should make it look inviting.
  • The Paint and colors must be in excellent shape – This includes the flooring. Keep the carpets and wood floors nice and clean.

One of the most important marketing activities is tied to outstanding photography.      

  • Successful marketing requires incredible photography – end of conversation.
  • Photography helps potential buyers visualize themselves living in your home.
  • BMC Real Estate provides professional photography and virtual tours for all their listings.
  • Ads do not work – The internet and attractive photography does.
  • Blurry photos with poor lighting and narrow angles leave a negative impact.
  • You must generate a wow-effect within the first 3 seconds on the internet.
  • 74% of buyers surveyed said that when viewing a home on the internet, the quality of the photography is very important to them.
  • Virtual tours almost double the traffic to your home and increase the buyer’s memory of your home.
  • Home buyers search the internet 3 weeks before they contact a Realtor, so your photography needs to create a WOW effect on the Internet to be considered by potential buyers.

Selling a house is a lot of work and takes personal engagement

Keep your home clean and tidy every day. Here are just a few items to keep in mind:

  • Remove all items from the kitchen and bathroom counter tops
  • Wipe all mirrors at least every other day
  • Keep the children’s rooms cleaned up and orderly
  • Keep the floors clean
  • Vacuum every day
  • Replace any light bulbs that have burned out
  • Do not overly “scent” your home with candles, air fresheners, etc.
    (Buyers tend to think you are trying to hide something)

Communicate regularly (at least once a week) with your Realtor. Good communication eliminates confusion and misunderstandings.

Let your Realtor finish with all the photography and preparation of the marketing materials before activating your listing. You want to come on the market with a bang.

If you have prepared yourself, then you are now ready to list your home on the MLS.

Pricing mistakes can cost you time and money

  • If there are two similar homes and one costs less money, which one would you pick?
  • Your home needs to be priced within the top three (comps) in your neighborhood

No traffic in the first two weeks?  You need to adjust the price.

Traffic but no offers in the first month?  Check the condition and the price. Adjust accordingly.

Insist on your Realtor providing weekly reports and feedback on all showings so you understand the buyer’s point of view.

Always keep in mind: The first 2 offers are usually the best offers.

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